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Electronics Projects

Electronics Projects for MTech

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We provide full assistance in MTech/PhD Projects in following fields:-


  • VLSI Projects
  • Image Processing
  • Antenna System Design
  • Optical Communication
  • Passive Optical network
  • Photonic Crystal Fiber
  • Microwave Filter Designing
  • Embedded System
  • Network Securities
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Networking
  • Wireless Communication
  • Mobile Networking


1. Speeker Recognition Based Device Control Using HMM.
2. Reference Based Successive Interference Cancellation System Using QPSK In Ofdm Systems.
3.Study Of Error Correction Codes For Wirless Sensor Networks.
4.Using Huffmann Coding For Digital Communications.
5.Image Compression Using Haar Wavelets.
6. Face Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks(ANN).
7. Study Of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networking Protocols Based On OPNET.
8. Optimization Of Smart Antennas Using Genetic Algorithm.
9. Convergence Study Of Different Types Of Adaptive Filters Using Decision Feedback Equilization.
10.Study Of Human Brain Using Using K-Means Clustering.
11.Study And Simulation Of Linear And Planer Array In Wireless Sensor Networks.
12.Power Optimization For Wireless Sensor Networks .
13.Simulation Of Network Intrusion Detection System.
14. Power Optimization And Harmonics Reduction In Digital Filters.
15.Beam Pattern Optimization Of Linear Array Antenna.
16.Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Protocol.
17.Optimized Network Design Using Genetic Algorithm.(ECE AND CSE STUDENTS).
18.A Novel Architechture Using Decorrelating Transforms For Low Power Adaptive Filters.
19.Particle Swarm Optimization For Tracking Human Motion….
20.Wavelet Transforms And Karhunen Loeve Transforms Applied To Signal Processing.
21.Image Processing Based Acoustic Fossil Detection.
22.A Comparison Of Image Compression And Decompression Using Discrete Cosine Transforms(DCT) And Discrete
Wavelet Transforms(DWT).
23.The Position Control Of Elevator Using Electric Drive(By Permanent Magnet Dc Motor).
24.Analysis And Estimation Of Image Sequences In Motion.
25.Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN).
26.Wavelet Transform Based Broadband Signal Detection System For Target Motion Estimation
Using An Adaptive-Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System
27.Modelling & Estimation Of Exact Equivalent Parameters For Sysnchronous Machines USING MATLAB.
28.Energy Efficient Protocol By Choosing A Novel Routing Technique For Wireless Sensor Networks.
29.Speed Control Of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Approach.
30.Performance Evaluation Of 3 Phase Induction Motor As Synchronous Motor And Brushless D.C Motor.
31.Performance Of Disc Brushless DC Motor Applied As Gearless Drive.
32. Mobile Communication Using Adhoc Networks.
33. Parameters Identification Of Parmanent Magnet Dc Motor Using Simulink.
34. Study Of Convergence Of High Pass And Low Pass Adaptive Filters.
35. Echo Cancellation In Indoor Enviorment
36. Echo Cancellation In Telecommunications.
37.Transmission Of Digital Signals By Compressing Image(Dct/Dwt) Using Karhunen-Loeve Transform.
40.Genetic Algorithm Based Optimisation Of Network Design.
41.Human Pose Tracking By Particle Swarm Optimization(Pso).
42.Speech To Text Conversion By Studying Human Speech Production Mechanism.
44.Improvement In Acoustical Response By Slitted Absorbers.
46.Study Of Cochannel Interference In Satellite Communication Networks
47.Real Time Acquisition And Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Network .
50.Wavelength Based Lost Packet Effects In Wireless Channel.
51.Modelling And Simulation Of Parmanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.
52. Improvement Of Efficiency Of Brush Parmanent Magnet D.C Motor.
53. Design And Simulation Of Single Sided Linear Induction Motor.
54.Comparitive Study Of Parameters Of Different Models Of Synchronous Motors.
55. Study, Modelling And Simulation Brushless D.C Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Controller.
56. Performance Comparison Of Three Phase Induction Motor As Brushless Dc Motor And Synchronous Machine.
57. Controllers Design For Brushless Parmanent Magnet Synchronous Motors And Modelling.
58.Seperately Excite D.C Motor Speed Control Using Chopper.
59. Control Of D.C Motor Speed Using Fuzzy Logic.
60. Eye Detection Using Hough Transform .
61. Eye Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks.
62.Independent Component Analysis(Ica) Based Blind Source Seperation .
63. Study And Implementation Of Dipole Antennas .
64.Adaptive Digital Filters Pipelining Using The Stochastic Gradient Approach.
65. Signature Verification Using Hidden Markov Models And Template Matching.
64. Online Detection Of Heart Beat.
65. Performance Of Ofdm System In Fading Wireless Communication Channel.
The List Of Topics Listed Above Is Very Broad And Thesis And MATLAB Coding May Be Done If You Have Already
Decided The Topic.

VLSI PROJECTS LIST for MTech students

We offer guidance and support to Mtech / Phd students in their final year M.tech projects or in their Thesis work.
We also assist in paper publication in VLSI, Embedded Systems, Electronics and Communication, We also provide
industry based real time projects (live projects) for MTech final year students.
Design and Implementation of 10/100 Mbps (Mega bits per second) Ethernet Switch for Network applications (2010)
Design and Implementation of USB 2.0 Transceiver Macro-cell Interface (UTMI) (2010)
A Versatile Multimedia Functional Unit Design Using the Spurious Power Suppression Technique (2010)
Design and Implementation of Digital low power base band processor for RFID Tags (2010)
Design and Implementation of Reversible Watermarking for JPEG2000 Standard
FPGA Implementation of 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform for Real-Time Medical Imaging
Design and Implementation of High Speed DDR SDRAM (Dual Data Rate Synchronously Dynamic RAM) Controller (2010)
Design and Implementation of Lossless DWT/IDWT for Medical Images
High Performance Complex Number Multiplier Using Booth-Wallace Algorithm
High Speed Parallel CRC Implementation Based On Unfolding, Pipelining and Retiming
Design of an Bus Bridge between OCP and AHB Protocol (2010)
Design of Gigabit Ethernet MAC (Medium Access Control) Transmitter
Design of an AMBA-Advanced High performance Bus (AHB) Protocol IP Block
Design of Data Encryption Standard (DES)
Design of Distributed Arithmetic FIR Filter
Design of Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART)
Design of Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES)
Design of 16 Point Radix-4 FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Algorithm
Design of Dual Elevator Controller
Design of an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Controller
Design of 8-Bit Pico Processor (VHDL)
Design of JPEG Image compression standard
Design of Digital FM Receiver using PLL (Phase Locked Loop)
Design of 16-bit QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying)
Design of 16-bit QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) Modulator
Design of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption Algorithm with 128- bits Key Length
Design of RS-232 System Controller
Design of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) Generator (Verilog)
Design and Implementation of OFDM Transmitter (VHDL)
Design of 8-bit Microcontroller (VHDL)
A New VLSI Architecture of Parallel Multiplier–Accumulator Based on Radix-2 Modified Booth Algorithm
An Efficient Architecture for 3-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
The Design of FIR Filter Base on Improved DA Algorithm and its FPGA Implementation
Design of On-Chip Bus with OCP Interface
Design of a Self-Motivated Arbitration Scheme for the Multilayer AHB Busmatrix.
Low Complexity and Fast Computation for Recursive MDCT and IMDCT Algorithms
An Efficient Architecture for 2-D Lifting-based Discrete Wavelet Transform
Power-Efficient Pipelined Reconfigurable Fixed-Width Baugh-Wooley Multipliers
A Spurious-Power Suppression Technique for Multimedia/DSP Applications
Design of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption and Decryption Algorithm with 128-bits Key Length
DDR3 based lookup circuit for high-performance network processing
Multiplication Acceleration Through Twin Precision 32-bit RISC CPU Based on MIPS
High Speed Hardware Implementation of 1D DCT/IDCT
Efficient FPGA implementation of convolution
High Speed VLSI Architecture for General Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) Structures
Implementation of a visible Watermarking in a secure still digital Camera using VLSI design
Implementation of FFT/IFFT Blocks for OFDM
Design and Implementation of Efficient Systolic Array Architecture for DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) (2010)
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List of project topic related to communication/wireless sensor network

1) Leach Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network
2) A Deterministic Energy-efficient Clustering Protocol for WSN.
3) Intelligent Hierarchical Cluster Based Routing – Hcr
4) A Wireless Sensor Network Dv-Hop Localization Algorithm
5) An Improved Dv-Hop Localization Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Network
6) A new evolutionary based routing protocol for clustered heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
7) A Stable Election Protocol for clustered heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
8) Genetic Algorithm For Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Network
9) An optimal algorithm (dijkstra) to find the degree of connectedness in an undirected edge-weighted graph in WSN
10) Cluster-Based Multi-Channel System For Improving Performance Of Large-Scale Wireless Multi-Sink Sensor
12) Evaluation of the potential for energy saving in macrocell and femtocell networks using a different heuristic
13) BPSK/MPSK/QAM/Compressive Modulation Schemes In Digital Communication
14) Blood Cancer Detection By Forming Data Base
15) DFIG-Based Wind Power Conversion With Grid Power Leveling For Reduced Gusts

Wireless Communication Topics for MTech Students

1.BER Performance Improvement in OFDM Systems using Equalization Algorithms
2.BER Analysis of MIMO OFDM System using M-QAM over Rayleigh Fading Channel
3.BER Analysis of OFDM Signals on Frequency-Selective Rician Fading Channels
4.BER Analysis of OFDM Signals on Frequency-Selective Rician Fading Channels
5.An Optimal Zero-Forcing PIC Group Decoding for Two-User Layered Alamouti Code
6.Space-Time Coding for Two-user MIMO Systems with the PIC-SIC Group Decoding
7.Multiple Antenna Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radios
8.Nonlinear MIMO: Affordable MIMO Technology for Wireless Sensor Networks
9.On the Statistics of Cognitive Radio Capacity in Shadowing and Fast Fading Environments
10.Opportunistic Scheduling and Spectrum Reuse in Relay-Based Cellular Networks
11.Opportunistic Spectrum Scheduling for Multiuser Cognitive Radio: A Queueing Analysis Optimal
Multi-Channel Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
12.Optimal Spectrum Sensing Framework for Cognitive Radio Networks
13.Practical Physical Layer Network Coding for Two-Way Relay Channels: Performance Analysis and

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